How to find a massage exchange partner

Erotic massage brings together the mind, body, and spirit to create a connection to oneself as well as others. Our goal is to help you meet other individuals who share your passion for deep relaxation, tantric touches, and the energy of Eros that leads to a state of erotic bliss.

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Due to the erotic nature of tantra, we recommend using an adult dating & personals service to connect with other adult massage enthusiasts. This will help ensure that your potential massage partner is aware of the sexual nature of your connection request while providing a measure of age verification, which is very important when meeting via online dating portals.

As such, we recommend you start your search with the AdultFriendFinder service.

Why choose AdultFriendFinder?

From our experience, AdultFriendFinder is probably the best dating site to find erotic massage partners.

Adult Erotic Massage ExchangeAdultFriendFinder’s user base is made up of millions of real members from all over the world. The service doesn’t make use of fake profiles or other deceptive marketing practices which are prevalent on many other adult dating services. They are considered the world’s largest sex dating site, but in reality, the service is more of a social network for sexually active adults.

And that’s a good thing because not only can you search traditional user profiles, but you can also participate in user groups dedicated to just about any sexual fetish, including erotic massage exchange.

I’ve had much success meeting massage exchange enthusiasts at both the local and national levels (when away on business trips). The service is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys recreational sex.

The following sample dating profile can be used to meet new massage exchange partners:


I’m a single, down to earth male, 38-year-old with an average body. I stand 5’11” tall and weigh 180 pounds. I have a good sense of humor and love to socialize with other open-minded adults.

I joined this service to meet others who enjoy erotic/tantric massage. Specifically, I’m seeking to meet women who are interested in erotic massage exchange. Should the chemistry be right following a casual meeting in a public venue, I would be open to discussing the possibility of a discreet massage exchange relationship. Do note that I’m not seeking a serious relationship – I’m only interested in casual massage exchanges when convenient for both parties.

I’m seeking to meet an open-minded woman who loves to explore the magic of tantric touch in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. My preference is for educated women in the 25-55 age group who are sexually confident and playful. I also prefer people who share my average looks and body type.

In return, I’m offering to be a well spoken, respectful, yet playful friend with whom you can explore the pleasure of erotic massage and mutual masturbation. I’m all for cultivating an exciting and ongoing relationship with the right person.

If this sounds interesting or intriguing to you, please get in touch. Let’s get to know each other and see where the chemistry leads.

Best regards,


We hope you’ve found the information in this article enjoyable and encourage you to share it with others who have an interest in erotic massage exchange. We hope your adventure results in a happy ending massage!

Always remember to practice safe sex (and common sense) when meeting new sex partners online.

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